Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary path. You have freedom to explore the wide variety of courses in Juniata’s Liberal Arts catalog. We will challenge you to change the world by applying the resources of the academic community to the study of warfare and peace.
Take a look at a possible curriculum outline for students interested in pursuing Peace & Conflict Studies. 

The PACS department offers three related Programs of Emphasis (POE) for students at Juniata College. View POE requirements at the links below. 

See examples of how students have combined PACS with other POEs.

Director Jim Skelly

Director Jim Skelly


PACS Classes offered by Baker Institute Staff are listed below. Click here for a list of course descriptions. 


Courses with Director Skelly:

  • Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies
  • Self, Identity, & Conflict
  • The Global Conversation





Associate Director Celia Cook-Huffman


Courses with Associate Director Celia Cook-Huffman: 

    • Intro to Conflict Resolution
    • Conflict Intervention
    • Conflict Transformation
    • Mediation
    • Gender & Conflict
    • Nonviolence: Theory & Practice



Courses with Professor Polly Walker:



Assistant Professor Polly Walker


      • Performing Peace
      • Peacebuilding and the Arts
      • Model UN
      • Nonviolence: Theory and Practice
      • Mediation
      • Conflict Intervention
      • Introduction to Conflict Resolution