"It's our task at the Baker Institute and Juniata College to insure that we develop a realism that not only takes account of the world we're living in now, but more importantly, the world we want to live in and can create with commitment and intelligence."
- Dr. James Skelly, Institute Director

News and Updates from Baker


Baker Professor Polly Walker receives Juniata grant to apply Systems Theory in Conflict Resolution

Baker Assistant Professor Polly Walker recently received a grant from Juniata College through the Innovative Educational Initiatives Program. She is advocating a paradigm shift in Peace and Conflict Studies, proposing to incorporate the growing momentum for systems theory approaches to conflict resolution theory and practice into the PACS curriculum.

Students gathered around Daniel Ellsberg after he spoke in Rosenberger Auditorium on January 30th.

Daniel Ellsberg visited Juniata in late January

Ellsberg delivered poignant insight on current controversies surrounding surveillance and recent leaks of classified information by Chelsea Manning and Edwards Snowden. His breadth of knowledge and incisive analysis elicited a sharp wake up call to the threats posed by bulk


Ron Moffatt Conference, November 21 – 23

“On the Future of International Education: Peace, Justice, and the Development of Global Civil Society.” The 8th Ron Moffatt Seminar on International Education will be held in Washington DC at American University this year.