The Baker Institute hosts the Peace & Conflict Studies Program at Juniata university, providing oversight and training course input, and acting as a center for pupil advocacy and mentorship in the field of Peace & Conflict.

In an initiative to boost the exchange of understanding as well as suggestions among professors at Juniata, Baker Institute holds a series of Integrative Faculty Seminars each semester.

The Baker Institute for Peace & Conflict Studies was formally developed in 1986. The preliminary funds to support the program originated from Elizabeth Evans Baker in 1968 as a present to the university, as well as were made use of to launch the Peace as well as Conflict Studies (PACS) program in 1971. The Institute was formally developed in 1986 as an outgrowth of that job, as well as was named for the John C. and Elizabeth Evans Baker family members in 1987.

Along with giving oversight for the undergraduate program, the Baker Institute’s campaigns are developed to enlighten the general public, as well as the Juniata College area, concerning producing a future where battle no longer exists. In addition to the official shows as well as activities of the Institute, it also sponsors seminars, workshops, and also public online forums on war and peace problems.

Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that attracts from studies in government, sociology, background, psychology, approach, and anthropology, to name a few. Showcased photo is “Strategic Peacebuilding Pathways” and is available free of cost download at the Kroc Institute for International Peace.

Those who are prepared making systemic inquiry right into arranged and messy physical violence and also create the capability to recognize and also develop social constellations which most readily advertise tranquility and also collaboration will indeed be better prepared to add to society and to live helpful lives.

Baker Institute programs develops the framework as well as power for brand-new intellectual discussions to occur among the Juniata community and with outside organizations. By proactively going after inter-faculty exchanges of expertise and also suggestions, along with a consistent stream of guest speakers and Senior Fellows operating at the centers of their fields, the Baker Institute improves the academic and intellectual area for students and also faculty alike at Juniata College.

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